AvH + OMG Flandern Projekt Chor

Land: Duitsland


  • Due to the recommendation of a participant of the World Choir Games 2018, which took place in South Africa, the idea of taking part was born, in the next Games in 2020. In order to overcome the problem of our limited number of singers started a cooperation with the nearby high school and thus the „AvH + OMG Flanders Project Choir“ was brought to life.
  • Our choir consists of 38 students, 19 from a scientific and technological high school with a linguistic branch and 19 from a high school focussing on language as well as economic and sociological sciences. The two choirmasters, Maria Seiwert (OStRin) and Thomas Betzer (OStR), conduct the singers alternately.
  • Collective choir practices take place on Saturdays while, in addition to this, each school is able to practice the songs during their own weekly choir practice and with the help of audic files.
  • Three quarters of our choir are girls. The youngest singers are in class 6, our oldest one in class 12. Our repertoire ranges from the Renaissance to the Modern Age: John Dowland as a representative of the Renaissance, Johannes Brahms for the Romantic period, Bob Chilcott for the Modern Age and John Lennon in an a capella arrangement for pop.


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2 tot 12 juli 2021, Vlaanderen

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