Boys Choir of the Male Choir Singing Center

Land: Rusland
Dirigent: Alexej Umnov


  • The boys' choir of the Male choir singing Center was founded in 2016 on the basis of Karelian Male Choir. At present, 18 boys aged 7 to 15 sing in the choir.
  • In 2017, the choir became the winner of the international Assembly "The Northern Necklace". In February 2018, the choir went on tour to Mo-I-Rana (Norway) together with the famous Norwegian musician Alexander Rybak. The choir's repertoire is based on the music of contemporary Russian composers.
  • The choir holds prizes from various International contests: Laureate at the VIII international choir festival “Vivat, Malchishki!” (November 2018, Petrozavodsk); Winner of the category “Childrens Choir” at the “Riga Sings” - International Choir Competition & Imants Kokars Choral Award 2019 (May 2019, Riga, Latvia)


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  • World ranking: 408/1000

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5 tot 15 juli 2020, Vlaanderen

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