Coral Estrella - Ampa Vedruna - Tona

Land: Spanje
Dirigent: Eva Ventura


  • Estrella Choir has two groups: the little one, from 8-11 years old and the young one, from 12 to 16 years old. Its main aim is to enjoy singing and participate in the school and our town events.
  • The choir has made exchanges with other choirs such as Tortosa, Valencia, Vitória, León, Zaragoza, Braganza, Normandie and Germany.
  • Choir has participated in the european festival "Europa Cantat 2015" that took place in Pecs (Hungary) and Europa Cantat 2018 in Tallinn (Estonia). Estrella choir is well known among the school choirs getting the Catalonia School Choirs award in 2005 and 2006 and winning the First Spanish School Choirs award in 2014.


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5 tot 15 juli 2020, Vlaanderen

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