Coral Maysupí

Land: Uruguay
Dirigent: Marta Inés Pereira


  • Coral Maysupí was founded in 2006, in Montevideo, Uruguay and its objectives are to create an open space involved with choral culture; organize and participate in cultural and social activities, both at nationally and internationally. Instill choral singing as way of expressing ourselves, that both strengthens and enriches human bonds and values.
  • The Choir’s repertoire includes music works of universal polyphony, both sacred and secular, which range from the Middle Ages to the present. Also, the choir sings popular American folk songs.
  • Since its foundation, Coral Maysupí has taken part in different festivals, and concert tours. Among these, the following ones: 2010- International Tour (Malaga, Granada, Madrid- Spain), participation in the festival "Corearte" (Barcelona, Spain), 2011- Choirs Festival (Colonia, Uruguay), 2012- Festival "Mar del Canto" (Mar del Plata, Argentina), 2013- National choral tour, 2014- Choir Meeting at the "Santa Elena" Institute (Montevideo, Uruguay), participation in the festival "Corearte" (Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil), 2015- Choir Meeting at the "Sala Zitarrosa" (Montevideo, Uruguay), 2016- European choral tour "American music from colonial times to the present" (Galicia, Budapest, Venice, Florence, Rome), 2018 - Mexican choral tour "One voice, one hart" (Mexico)


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