Hrvatsko pjevačko društvo "Lipa" Osijek

Land: Kroatië


  • Hrvatsko pjevačko društvo ,,Lipa" (Linden) from Osijek/Croatia was founded in 1876, which makes it one of the oldest amateur singing associations in Croatia. Lipa consists of around 70 active members of different ages, all lovers of choir music and singing that have found a corner to relax, socialize and gain new experiences. Through its activity Lipa has been woven into the history and the cultural identity of Osijek and Croatia.
  • The framework of Lipa’s repertoire consists of a cappella compositions made by Croatian or worldwide compositors, ranging from Renaissance to modern choir music.
  • The choir has regularly presented itself at hosting and choir competitions (Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Greece, Italy, The Czech Republic, Malta, Austria, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Latvia, Spain) where are won numerous awards and recognitions. In competitions of Croatian choirs, and international choir competitions Lipa has won a total of 21 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze awards and many special prizes. Some of them: “World Choir Games” Graz (Austria), in 2008 - Silver and Gold Medal; “Chorus Inside Advent” Rome (Italy), in 2013 - 1st place prize, Grand Prix; “World Choir Games” Riga (Latvia), in 2014 - Two Silver Medals; “International Choral Celebration & Competition” Salzburg (Austria), in 2017 - 1st place prize and Grand Prix; “50th Meeting of Croatian Choirs” Rovinj (Croatia), in 2017 - 1st place prize, Grand Prix; “International Choral Celebration & Laurea Mundi” Budapest (Hungary), in 2018 - title Laurea summa cum laude; “Croatia Cantat” Rijeka (Croatia), in 2018 - 1st place prize.


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