Karangturi Choir

Land: Indonesië
Dirigent: Petrus Wahyu


  • “Karangturi Choir” name was originally used as the name of the choir for Karangturi Junior High School in 2005. Besides Karangturi Choir, the School has also choir for elementary and senior high school, namely “Gracia Choir” which was founded in 2008 and “Melodus Choir”
  • Because in some national and international competitions the choir consists of singers from the three levels together, since 2009, the “Karangturi Choir” name has been used to represent the school choir. Currently Karangturi Choir had levels ranging from kindergarten through high school, each of which routinely trained in extra-curricular activities at school.
  • Since 2007 choir has many national achievements. To mention a few of them: 2013 Champion of Children Category and Silver medal in Mixed Youth Category in 2nd Bali International Choir Festival, 2013; Gold medal in Chidren Category and chmpion of folkllere category of 5th Winter Choral Festival 2014, Hongkong; Bronze Medal of Busan Choral Festival & Competition 2016, Korea Selatan; Winner of Childrens and Folklore category, Gold Diploma, of 9th Isola Del Sole, Grado, Italy; Gold Medal (1st place) International Youth Culture And art Festival Malaysia.


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  • World Ranking: 149/1000

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