Land: Finland
Dirigent: Kaija Viitasalo


  • Female Choir KYN, established in 1981, has always made music with ambition, passion and a creative angle. It has always had its own recognizable and intriguing identity, today more than ever.
  • KYN’s musical strength lies in its expressiveness, rhythmic competence and unique repertoire. KYN has profiled itself particularly as an interpreter of ethnic jazz. In ethnic jazz, elements of folk music, traditional texts and means of interpretation or modern poetry fuse with the rhythm and harmony of jazz.
  • KYN constantly challenges itself in all aspects of musical expression: rhythm, harmony, and interpretation of text. By stressing the interplay of these elements, KYN strives for creating experiences that touch the listener on an emotional level. It is the intensity of expression and delicacy of interpretation that lie at the core of KYN's musical identity.
  • KYN has succeeded in international choir competitions and chorus reviews. The latest accomplishment is from Grand Prix of Nations in Berlin, Germany in 2017 where KYN received the Grand Prix and a gold medal in the Champions Competition in the category of Mixed, Female and Male Choirs and a gold medal and the nomination of Outstanding Stage Performance in the Champion Competition in the category of Folklore.


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  • World Ranking: 56/1000

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30 oktober tot 7 november 2021, Vlaanderen

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