Popkoor Prestige Pro

Land: Nederland
Dirigent: Ton van Diepen


  • Vibrant, Exceptional and Professional; Pop Choir Prestige Pro is known for its outstanding quality. The choir consists of 20 talented and specially selected singers from all over the Netherlands. Prestige Pro is often used as a spectacular act in TV shows, concerts, as backing vocals for well-known singers and in studio-recordings
  • Prestige Pro has a varied and modern repertoire with impressive arrangements written by their conductor Ton van Diepen.
  • Prestige Pro knows how to dazzle the audience with fabulous vocals, powerful stage presence and well designed choreography productions. Prestige Pro continuously surprises the audience with wonderful entertainment. Obtaining the first price at the Choir Festival in Steenwijk, Prestige Pro was described as 'modern and fresh'.


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5 tot 15 juli 2020, Vlaanderen

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