SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School

Land: Hong Kong


  • The Mixed Voice Choir was established in the 1970s and has 67 members at present. All the members are energetic in singing and performing, which has led to tremendous success in various competitions. Moreover, the members are very grateful for the opportunity to share their appreciation for music with the public.
  • In summer 2008, the choir participated in the 9th China International Chorus Festival and was awarded the Gold Prize. In summer 2010, they won the Gold Medal in the 6th World Choir Games held in Shaoxing, China in the Mixed Youth Choir category. In summer 2012, they won the Gold Medal in the same category in the 7th World Choir Games in Cincinnati, USA. Later in the 8th World Choir Games in Riga, Latvia, the Choir obtained the Gold Medal in the same category once again. In July 2016, the choir participated in the 13th China International Chorus Festival, and was awarded the Gold Prize and the Grand Championship together with the First Prize of the Grand Final CICF Choral Development Fund. In summer 2018, they achieved two Second Prizes in the Youth Choir and Contemporary Music categories in Kathaumixw 2018, Canada. In April 2019 they were invited by the Hong Kong Education Bureau as the Hong Kong representative to participate in the 6th National Primary and Secondary School Students’ Arts Showcase at Suzhou, China. They acquired the First Class Award as well as the Excellent Creative Performance Award.


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