Wuhu Children's Palace Chior

Land: China


  • Wuhu Children’s Palace Choir hails from Wuhu, Anhui Province, a beautiful Yangtze River city. The Choir is a non-profit group administrated by Wuhu Municipal Education Bureau and hosted by Wuhu Children’s Palace. Up to now, it has grown into a perfect group of over 100 members. Through stringent, scientific and systematic instruction, the Choir lays solid vocal foundation for the children, not only allowing them to handle accurately and easily different styles and types of Chinese and foreign works of different times, but also impressing the audience with variable timbre, colorful harmonies and dynamic stage performance.
  • Through scientific training, efficient management, and continuous efforts of the whole team, the Choir maintains challenging themselves, accumulates a rich repertoire and achieves impressive performance on Chinese and international choral stages.
  • It has won First Prize in various competitions, including the World Youth Choir Festival, the China International Chorus Festival, Primary and Secondary School Art Performance hosted by the Ministry of Education, the China Children's Choir Festival, the China Youth Palace Culture & Art Festival, Anhui Primary and Secondary School Art Performance, and Anhui Choir Art Performance, etc. The Choir has toured France, Germany, Hungary, Austria, as well as other countries for culture and art exchange activities. And it has been invited to perform around China, hold special concerts and record choral albums.


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